You have a gold bar and need to pay a worker for 7 days at the end of each day. You can only make 2 breaks in the gold bar. How do you pay the worker assuming he works the same amount every day?
The key is to engage in a two-way transaction with the worker to fulfill your obligations.
The key is to have a transactional relationship with the worker in order to pay him. Break the bar into the following sizes: 1/7, 2/7, and 4/7.

Day 1: Give the worker the 1/7 piece
Day 2: Take back 1/7 piece and give 2/7
Day 3: Give 1/7 piece
Day 4: Take back 1/7 and 2/7 piece. Give worker 4/7 piece
Day 5: Give 1/7 piece
Day 6: Take back 1/7 piece and give 2/7 piece
Day 7: Give 1/7 piece. By now worker should have all pieces

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